“Our books are better for her efforts.”

—Shannon Pennefeather, managing editorMinnesota Historical Society, Minnesota Historical Society Press

“Mary plays the essential and delicate role of a first reader. She strikes just the right balance between making necessary changes, complimenting a writer on his or her work, and suggesting other paths the author might take to improve the text. She is the best sort of editor: inquisitive and orderly, a stickler for detail, and a champion of precise language. Our books are better for her efforts.”

favicon“Mary is a valued collaborator in works published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. When a project is complicated or a schedule is tight, I know Mary will offer consistently thoughtful suggestions and meet agreed-upon deadlines.”


“She saved me over and over.”


  —Marisella Veiga, author,  We Carry Our Homes with Us

“I didn’t touch the changes Mary made. Please thank her for me!  She’s done a first-rate job and I really appreciate her work. She saved me over and over. The book is much improved.”​



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the Punctuation Club says, “Thank you to editors everywhere!”

--by Mike Elko

— The Punctuation Club, by Mike Elko*  *drawzgud@aol.com